How hypnotherapy can help with these issues, as they seem so huge?


How does it work?

These are the sorts of questions that every one of my clients has asked themselves before coming to see me. There is only one way that these fears and questions can possibly be answered, and that is through a conversation.

It is only by having a conversation, where, I can answer all your worries and fears and describe how I will I would work with you. So call me now on 07907 083 150 or go to the 'contact page'. 


How long are the sessions?

Well generally, my clients have one hour sessions. However, we often arrange to have two hour sessions if they live further away.


How many sessions would you expect to take?

In my experience many of my clients feel they have achieved their main goal with anxiety or depression in around three to six one hour sessions.


What are your results?

I achieve positive results with over 90% of the people I work with.  


Many people ask what it feels like to be hypnotized. What should I expect, will I be in control?

I want all of my clients to feel as relaxed as possible, and in control.


Many of the people who see me with stress and anxiety, have a fear of losing control and if they felt out of control at any time, they would not be able to work with me.

I make it very clear, from the moment that I start working with them, that they ‘are’ in control and I prove it to them again and again by asking ‘permission’ at every step of the therapy before moving to the next.  



Please give me a call; It is only through building up a relationship of trust and respect that hypnotherapy can be most effective. So, I recommend that the best way to start, is to: just to have a chat either over the phone:- 

 01233 226077

        Or if your problems stop you from using the telephone please email me:-



Just click 'this link' go to my contact page