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About Richard Bloom C.Hyp 

Qualified as a Curative Hypnotherapist 1994 

Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy 1997

Qualified trainer 2012: Teaching advanced hypnotherapy techniques to other mental health professionals.

Worked personnel from the Armed Forces experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.

Have taught and used advanced self-hypnosis techniques: For both clients and himself to benefit both their and his own mental and physical wellbeing.

Member of the Eating Disorders Association for five years understanding and dealing with the effects of stress, anxiety and depression in relation to food.

Working with addictions caused by the effects of anxiety and depression from alcoholism, to recreational drugs, bulling, and abuse.

Working with physical symptoms like; IBS, muscle tension, headaches, acid stomach, itchiness, panic attacks, psoriasis, caused by anxiety and depression.

Working in companies running courses on anxiety & stress management. One to one counselling and developing personal goals, breaking glass ceilings, removing the barriers to achieve them.  

Helping sports people to overcome blocks caused by pressure, stress, anxiety and depression, to achieve their full potential.  

Clearing mental blocks; certain types of dyslexia, maths, writing blocks, studying blocks, caused by stress, anxiety and depression.     

Motivational speaker: At the Royal Festival Hall ‘The psychology of winning’ based on the findings of  Denis Waitley.


Today Richard lives with his wife and son in Ashford Kent.



'My experience is your peace of mind'

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